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Tomorrow's Engineers is a programme of co-ordinated schools outreach and careers inspiration, led by the engineering community.

Tomorrow’s Engineers seeks to create the next generation of engineers by helping young people from all backgrounds understand the variety, excitement and opportunity presented by a career in engineering. The aim is for everyone between 11 and 14 to have at least one engineering experience with an employer and for equal number of girls and boys to aspire to become engineers.


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Why Tomorrow's Engineers?

Engineering contributes £456bn (27%) of UK GDP and, with 1.82m engineers needed between 2012-2022, there is an annual shortfall of 55,000 skilled workers and not enough new recruits coming through the system. In fact, to meet demand we need to double the number of engineering apprentices and graduates entering the industry.

Schools outreach is key to inspiring the next generation of engineers.

Many companies of all sizes across the UK spend time in schools promoting engineering to young people. The Tomorrow’s Engineers programme seeks to coordinate this outreach activity to boost overall coverage and impact, and to engage and inspire more teenagers to continue with science and maths and consider an engineering career.

What is the Tomorrow's Engineers programme?

The Tomorrow’s Engineers programme brings together the engineering community in a collective drive to build the future generation of engineers needed by the industry.

This high-impact programme comprises:

• Locally provided support (employer support manager)
• National network of companies involved in coordinated activity
Engaging, high quality careers resources
• Evaluation scheme
• Engineering outreach activity
• Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

Why is coordinated outreach important?

By supporting and coordinating the work of employers working with schools, Tomorrow’s Engineers can improve the impact of existing outreach activity and develop our talent pipeline. Indeed, analysis shows that, simply by coordinating efforts on a regional basis, we can triple the number of young people we reach and inspire to become tomorrow’s engineers.

What is the heat map of schools outreach?

We are creating a heat map of engineering careers activities across the country through a national database that provides an accurate picture of what is happening locally. This heat map is driven by a powerful database that captures employer outreach activity. Many companies and organisations that are already working with schools are sharing data on that activity to give as comprehensive a picture as possible of current school coverage.

As this heat map develops, it will enable Tomorrow’s Engineers to identify new opportunities and areas of duplication and to work with local employers in the network to reach more schools more efficiently.

Demonstrations of the heat map are available upon request.

How can my company become part of the Tomorrow’s Engineers network?

If your company encourages young people to consider engineering careers via a schools outreach programme (of any size and scale) you can join the Tomorrow’s Engineers national network. There is no joining fee. We are building a network of employer support managers across the country, starting with four pilot areas (below) and developing this capacity over the next two years.

Contact us to be part of the national network to create the next generation of engineers. Your first contact point will be:

For North East England
Moira Shaftoe, Employer Support Manager –, 0191 497 3240.

For South East England
Bronagh Liddicoat CEng MICE, Employer Support Manager -, 01273 642023

For South West England
Fiona Doughton, Employer Support Manager –, 07734 605 571.

For London
Aimee Welch, Employer Support Manager –, 020 3206 0464.

For the Midlands
Eva Fryc, Employer Support Manager –, 07734 605 567.

For the North West
Mark Wood, Employer Support Manager –, 07540 106 002.

For Yorkshire and The Humber
Annette Valentine, Employer Support Manager –, 07714 139 305.

For the rest of the UK, please get in touch to see how we can work with you. Contact Sarah Devonport, Head of Employer Engagement Programme –, 020 3206 0428

What careers resources are available?

Tomorrow’s Engineers careers resources, designed for 11-14 year olds, are attractive, informative and up-to-date. Developed by a project team from across the engineering community, with the input of teachers and young people, the resources support the national curriculum, cover regional variations and promote the range of routes into engineering.

The Tomorrow's Engineers website is full of accurate, engaging and essential engineering careers information. It features helpful advice, careers resources and plenty of ideas for young people to get involved with engineering outside the classroom.

We want to help students to make informed choices about qualifications and experience. That way they can enjoy a rewarding career in engineering and society and the UK economy will benefit from their skills. Win-win.

Resources are available to all companies that are part of the Tomorrow’s Engineers programme.

The Tomorrow's Engineers Toolkit can help support your engagements with schools and colleges.

What does Tomorrow's Engineers outreach look like?

Companies that are part of the Tomorrow’s Engineers network use a range of different approaches:

• In-school workshops
• Industry visits
• Hands-on activities
• Engaging shows
• Curriculum-linked experience days
• Ambassador partnerships/mentoring
• Careers Fairs

The Tomorrow’s Engineers team can also provide support in developing your school engagement strategy and put you in touch with a range of delivery partners who can help you take your programme into schools.

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What does Tomorrow’s Engineers achieve?

Independent evaluation of the Tomorrow’s Engineers programme, benchmarked against an all UK sample, shows our approach is effective:

• Pupils who have taken part in a Tomorrow’s Engineers activity know more about what people working in engineering do: 50% of Tomorrow’s Engineers pupils said they knew a lot, compared to 25% in the all UK sample. The impact on girls is especially notable, with 45% knowing a lot, compared to 16% (all UK).

• And Tomorrow’s Engineers has a positive impact on how pupils view a career in engineering, with 49% of Tomorrow’s Engineers pupils agreeing an engineering career was very desirable versus 41% in the all UK sample. Again, the impact on girls is significant, with 37% of girls who had participated in a Tomorrow’s Engineers activity agreeing, compared to 26% of the all UK sample.

What is Tomorrow’s Engineers Week?

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (#TEWeek15), which takes place annually in November, aims to change perceptions of engineering among young people (focusing on 11-14s), their parents and teachers.

Events and activities are hosted by companies, educators and professional engineering institutions across the UK and supported by a media campaign that brings the engineering careers message to a wider audience.

Find out more about Tomorrow's Engineers Week

Contact Tamzin Caffrey at for more information on ways to get involved.


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