Media release - 20/4/2009

New industrial strategy requires change in attitudes as only 7% of careers advisors say they recommend engineering to their brightest students

The Engineering and Technology Board (ETB)’s preliminary Engineers and Engineering Brand Monitor1 (EEBM) reveals that dramatic change of attitude is required to get the best and brightest students into engineering and fulfil the Government’s New Industry, New Jobs: Building Britain’s Future plan for the future of the UK Economy.

Whilst welcoming today’s report on increasing industrial investment and production, to restore economic stability and balance in the UK, the ETB has pointed out that significant action needs to be taken to provide the necessary education and skills, with only 7% of careers advisors and lecturers saying they would currently recommend a career in engineering to their brightest students.
The ETB research illustrates that young people and their influencers must be much better informed about the benefits of engineering careers if Britain is to produce enough high quality engineers and engineering technicians to meet the skills requirements of the National Policy Statements on Infrastructure, The Manufacturing Strategy and The Creative Industries Strategy outlined in the report.

The need demonstrate to parents, careers advisors and young people that engineering is a rewarding and intellectually challenging career, is further reinforced by the fact that:
o There will be a 17 % decrease in the number of school leavers by 2020 so the UK will struggle to compete with the numbers of engineers being producing in developing countries such as China and India.
o The UK already lags behind other countries such as Germany and Japan when it comes to industrial GDP.

Paul Jackson, Chief Executive of the ETB, said: “Engineering is increasingly recognised by Britain’s great and good as vital to securing economic recovery and laying the firmest possible foundations for Britain’s future infrastructure. Our next task is to ensure that young people and their parents, teachers and advisors are equally aware of this so they can start furnishing both themselves and the UK economy with crucial engineering skills’

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