Break the Silence. Send Message Into Space!

On March 12th at 3pm, as part of National Science and Engineering Week 2010 (12-21 March), up to 5000 people across the UK will have their own personalised messages to potential life-forms beamed live into outer space.

Transmission will be tracked and viewed live at The Big Bang at Manchester Central Conference Centre where Paul Davies, author of new book The Eerie Silence, will take over 60 children and adults on an eerie journey through the secrets of the universe, before revealing the progress of their messages as they shoot towards the Orion nebular.
If you want to be a part of this amazing extra-terrestrial endeavour, and have your greetings, questions, suggestions, or general ponderings heard in outer space, simply visit and submit your message before February 28th.
Paul Davies, author of The Eerie Silence, said: “For 50 years astronomers have been patiently listening to the heavens for signs of alien radio messages. Only rarely have human beings deliberately transmitted beamed messages from Earth for the benefit of any aliens who might be listening. Now you can be part of an exciting experiment to do just that. On March 12, a large radio dish in Cornwall will transmit up to 5000 messages messages towards the Orion nebula, a region of intense star-forming and planet-forming activity, where an alien super-civilization could be hard at work harvesting raw material for astro-engineering projects and “terraforming” new planets for eventual habitation.”

Paul Jackson, Chief Executive of Engineering UK, said: “Space exploration and the interest it generates, are a great source of inspiration to the next generation of UK scientists and engineers. Not only that, but satellite technology and the communications it enables, are a great money spinner for the UK economy.

"Celebrations like National Science and Engineering Week, The Big Bang Fair, and Eerie Science launch are essential to ensuring the UK has the skills to ensure it stays that way.”
For more information about national Science and Engineering week, from the 12th – 21st March, please visit

Notes to Editors

About National Science & Engineering Week
National Science and Engineering Week (NSEW) is a ten day programme of science, engineering and technology events and activities across the UK aimed at people of all ages. In 2010 it will run from 12 – 21 March and the theme will be ‘Earth’. National Science and Engineering Week is funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and led by the British Science Association. The programme also works in partnership with EngineeringUK.  For more information visit

About The Big Bang
The Big Bang: UK Young Scientists’ and Engineers’ Fair kicks of National Science and Engineering Week and will this year be held at Manchester Central Convention Complex, 11-13 March 2010.  The Big Bang will celebrate and raise the profile of young people’s achievement in science and engineering and encourage more young people to take part in STEM initiatives with support from their parents and teachers. School groups are invited to The Fair, which will take place over three days and include the 300 student projects showcasing innovation and creativity competing in the National Science & Engineering Competition for national and international awards. And this year the event will also be open to the public on Saturday 13th March.

Led by EngineeringUK, The Big Bang is developed in partnership with over 70 organisations from business & industry, government and the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) community - with support from across the political spectrum.
For further information please contact:
Laura Marsh, PR and Communications Manager

Tel: 020 3206 0444 or (m) 07887 943 017