Media release - 19/1/2009

ETB: Engineers Key To Green Strategy

The Engineering and Technology Board (ETB) has responded to recent calls for an integrated green strategy by highlighting the pressing need to increase the supply of trained engineers in the renewable energy sector. The organisation has also called for increased opportunities for skilled individuals who find themselves without work as a result of the downturn, to re-skill or retrain in renewables.

Following US President Elect Barack Obama’s announcement of his New Energy for America plan there have been a calls from across the political spectrum for a similar approach to be adopted in the UK. The ETB supports these calls but highlights the need for hundreds of thousands of engineers and technicians in the sector if such a strategy is to succeed.

Statistics from the ETB’s recent Engineering UK 2008 publication indicate that the UK must train an additional 170,000 workers in Solar Water and Heating alone, not to mention 75,000 in Micro Wind Energy and 76,000 in Rainwater Harvesting, plus hundreds of thousands more in other ‘renewable’ sectors such as fuel technology and hydro generation (water power).More optimistically, Engineering UK 2008 also reports that many people say a genuinely green agenda would inspire them to take up a career in engineering.

Paul Jackson, Chief Executive of the ETB said: “It is important to remember that there is an ongoing and vital role for engineers in our economy and our society at large, particularly when it comes to overcoming increasing environmental challenges. It is encouraging to see continued interest in the green agenda and the recognition that engineers will lead the way in dealing with these issues. We know that people are motivated by a desire to make a difference and by the green agenda. We need to make sure that there are sufficient training opportunities available to them.”

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